“You successively poison each other”

He was very fond of posting. Especially weird everyday things. But now Lars Eidinger is no longer active on Instagram. The actor explains why: Until recently, Lars Eidinger often published posts on Instagram. Today, the actor has given up on social media. In particular, he describes the Instagram platform as “toxic”. More specifically, the 46-year-old tells the “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung”: “Above all, I deleted Instagram because it’s not good for me. medium; you poison gradually. In the long run, it makes you sick”, Eidinger is sure. Because: “Even positive comments do something to me. That bothers me. It makes me nervous. and movie star. His Instagram profile is still visible for the moment (as of August 26, 2022), but he hasn’t posted anything since May 23, 2022. So he may have just deleted the application from his smartphone, but not the access.

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