You should know these eight salt tricks – for coffee and tzatziki

The salt water trick also works with fries. If these are brushed with salted water before going to the oven, the crust will be nice and crispy. If you sprinkle a little salt on the fries after baking or frying and shake them well in a large bowl, you will prevent them from getting soggy. The hot steam can escape and the salt absorbs some of the moisture.

4. Salt makes fish easier to handle

Fish is often very slippery during preparation. To keep it from slipping from your hand, you can simply sprinkle some salt on it. This makes it much easier to gut the fish or fill it with a delicious stuffing.

5. Salt prevents the tzatziki from becoming too liquid

Tzatziki is especially popular during barbecue season. Sometimes it becomes too watery because of the cucumber in it. To avoid this, it is useful to sprinkle the grated cucumber with salt and let it stand in a bowl for about 15 minutes. During this time, the salt extracts some of the liquid from the cucumber, which can then be drained. If desired, briefly squeeze the cucumber pieces. If then mixed with the remaining ingredients, the tzatziki will be nice and creamy – and not too runny How much salt is healthy? The German Nutrition Society (DGE) recommends consuming a maximum of six grams of salt per day. This also includes amounts ingested from processed foods such as bread or cheese. The World Health Organization (WHO) even recommends just five grams a day. The DGE recommends table salt enriched with iodine and fluoride.

6. Salt cools drinks in record time

If unexpected visitors pass by, salt is a real insider tip for cooling drinks. To do this, you need a bucket filled with equal parts of ice cubes and salt. Once the mixture is well mixed, you can put bottles of lemonade, wine or beer and after a few minutes the drinks have reached a pleasantly cool temperature. It takes energy to dissolve the salt crystals and melt the ice. This is removed from the environment in the form of heat. The temperature drops, the drinks get cold. But be careful: if the bottles stay too long in this mixture, they can burst.

7. Don’t salt the salad too soon

However, the moisture-retaining properties of salt can also be a drawback. This is the case with lettuce, for example. If the leaves are seasoned too soon with salt, this draws moisture out of the cells. The same is true if a salad dressing containing salt is added too soon. The lettuce then wilts faster and loses its crunch. Sugar in salad dressing can have the same effect. Therefore: Always season the salad just before serving. Dressing the salad: If you add the dressing to the salad too soon, the salt it contains will wick the moisture out of the cells. (Source: Motortion/getty-images-pictures)

8. Pick up the broken egg from the ground

If an egg falls out while cooking or baking, it usually leaves a little mess. Leftovers are sticky and slimy and cannot be easily picked up with a rag. Here, too, salt can help: sprinkle a little on the broken egg and let it sit for 15 minutes. You can then save it with paper.

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