Yardim and Schulz kiss

Olli Schulz brings campfire romance to WSMDS format. Especially with two candidates, it crackles from the start. During a frenzied evening, Olli Schulz, multi-talent, leads “Who steals the show from Olli Schulz?”, after having stolen the show from Joko Winterscheidt the previous week. The musician has turned the studio into a cozy summer camp with a real campfire. Joko is also completely enthusiastic and would rather not have her show at all. Ambition then catches up with him.

Warm welcome kisses

Fahri Yardim and Olli Schultz become very close. (Source: ProSieben/Timmy Hargesheimer) The other candidates, movie star Fahri Yardim, actress Nilam Farooq and wildcard winner Chiara from Cologne are also impressed. No wonder everyone is overwhelmed by their emotions. Fahri and Olli even kiss warmly on the mouth. Joko gets jealous, then receives a slap from the “shaken” actor. Women get nothing. However, they don’t seem displeased, but the romantic mood quickly dissipates. Joko Winterscheidt quickly takes the lead, but Fahri is soon on his heels again. Nilam is eliminated as the top contender and things don’t look good for the joker either. Chiara can catch up, but still has to say goodbye as the second participant. After a mini-concert by Olli Schulz and a one-on-one race, Joko finally reaches the final.

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