Why Beatrice Egli made a surprising appearance

The public hardly expected this appearance in the “Fernsehgarten”. But suddenly, Beatrice Egli was on stage. Beatrice Egli appeared in the “ZDF Fernsehgarten” on Sunday afternoon and presented her new single “Volles risk”. However, her performance was unplanned, as she told her Instagram followers. Fernsehgarten’ can be there,” Egli explained. Philippi wrote and produced the Swiss singer’s new song. “So we support each other,” she continued. The musician, for whom the 34-year-old stepped in, also turned to his fans. He shared Egli’s messages and wrote several times: “Thank you”. Then he explained to me: “You would not believe how difficult it is for me to stay in bed !”

“I like surprises”

“Spontaneously at the ‘Fernsehgarten’, I love surprises and I surprise Kiwi today,” Egli said. Andrea Kiewel, host of the ZDF Sunday summer show, finally announced the former DSDS winner: “Actually, Eric Philippi should be there. Unfortunately, he cannot be here today for positive reasons. But BĂ©atrice is here. A million times thank you kisses.” In any case, Egli appreciated his spontaneous appearance. After the show, already back in the car on the way to the next concert, she explained on Instagram: “It was really fun to sing ‘Full Risk’ in the ‘TV Garden’. This atmosphere that was there, incredible, really .completely, completely flashed. Really, really nice.

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