Wedding of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck: These guests did not come

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s wedding invitations were highly coveted. However, two guests did not appear. A yard-long train over the pompous wedding dress, all the party guests in white, and all in front of a fitting backdrop by the lake on the Affleck estate in Georgia: The wedding of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck can be called fantastic, as evidenced by numerous photos of the ceremony, available for example on the American site “Page Six”. Whether on the pier, at the entrance to Affleck’s plantation-style villa, or on the white carpet rolled out for her, the prominent wedding couple are clearly pining for the records.

This is why Affleck’s ex-wife disappeared

It was arguably the biggest Hollywood wedding of the year. And yet two people stayed away from “Bennifer’s best day”. It is all the more painful since these people are so close to the groom. That’s not how Ben’s brother Casey Afflecks came to be, according to TMZ. His ex-wife Jennifer Garner also declined the invitation, an insider revealed to “Hollywood Life” magazine. The reason: She’s “working hard on a project in Texas so won’t be attending the wedding reception.” So Garner would have to put up with the fact that her and Affleck’s three children are at the festival. The couple were married from 2005 to 2018.

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