war | According to insiders: Russia wants to supply gas to Germany again

The fear of a cut in the gas supply is great in Germany. Insiders now want to know: Russia intends to reactivate the Nord Stream pipeline. According to insiders, after routine maintenance of the Nord Stream 1 pipeline, Russia wants to supply gas to Europe again. However, that will happen at a reduced level, two people familiar with Russian export plans told Reuters news agency. The Federal Ministry of Economics does not wish to comment on the t-online demand report. No gas is currently arriving in Germany from Russia via the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline. The pipeline has been regularly maintained since last Monday, and the The current status is that the works should be finished by Thursday. However, it remains to be seen whether this is the time to resume the gas supply. According to Russian information, it is also possible that the works will be delayed. Officially, the Russian state-owned company Gazprom has recently not wanted to commit to the future of energy supply in Germany and other countries of the EU. According to the company, it is still important that the currently missing turbine reaches Russia.

Gazprom pushes for turbine delivery

Canada, where Siemens Energy serviced the turbine, had long withheld the device due to sanctions stemming from Russia’s war of aggression. Therefore, no one in Russia expects it to be reinstalled by the last day of maintenance. “The reliable operation of the Nord Stream gas pipeline and the supply of European consumers depend on it,” Gazprom announced this weekend. -end. The company complains that Siemens Energy has no documents confirming the return of the gas turbine. Siemens Energy declined to provide any information on the current situation on Monday. The fact remains that “our objective is to transport the turbine to its place of use as quickly as possible”. According to Gazprom, this is important for the Portovaya compressor station, itself essential to the operation of Nord Stream 1. Even before the start of the ten-day maintenance work, Gazprom had throttled the flow of gas through the pipeline from 60%. This drove up gasoline prices. Gazprom justified the lack of deliveries to the utility Uniper by a case of force majeure. Uniper has received a corresponding letter from Gazprom Export, a company spokesperson said.

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