Uschi Glas on the Winnetou debate: "You should stop doing this"

Ravensburger has withdrawn several Winnetou children’s books from the market. Many criticize this, even Uschi Glas has no understanding. Back then as Ursula Glas. Today, the 78-year-old commented on the decision of publishing house Ravensburger to withdraw from sale several books from the series “The Young Chief Winnetou” with white or red skin. It represents real life.” The actress also says of “Bild”: “You should stop finding a reason to complain about something here willy-nilly.” Ravensburger recently announced two books of “Der Junge Chief Winnetou”, a puzzle and sticker book for the film of the same name (in theaters since August 11) can no longer be delivered and must be removed from the program. In an Instagram post, the company justified this by the comments of users. It showed “that we hurt the feelings of others with the titles of Winnetou”. “Romanticizing image with a lot of clichés” We are convinced that in view of historical reality, the oppression of the population native, here’s a “romanticizing image with lots of cliches.” are raffled off, a company spokesperson later said. “Even though it is a classic story that has excited many people: the content is far removed from the real situation of the indigenous population.” As a publisher, you don’t want to repeat or spread trivial clichés, even if you value the basic idea of ​​friendship – as is the case with Winnetou. But even after their decision was announced, the Ravensburger company was heavily criticized. Hundreds of Instagram users are outraged and accuse the company of censorship or caving in to criticism. But there were also words of support. Read the background to the debate here.

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