Tom Buhrow won’t fix it

The next earthquake shakes the ARD. The many revelations raise questions – also on the president’s side. At the ARD, the groundhog greets every day. On Friday, he was invited to the MDR. Country director Ines Hoge-Lorenz quit there at noon – because her husband is embroiled in the scandal surrounding former entertainment boss Udo Foht. It is fraud, infidelity, corruption and tax evasion by the millions. And Hoge-Lorenz must admit that when she took office in January 2021, she did not “clearly inform that my husband had a role in the Causa Foht more than ten years ago”. in the Information and Innovation editorial staff. Refueling positions are apparently readily available at ARD, while it was only announced on Friday that several retired RBB executives would continue to be paid. It also crashed at NDR this week. The executives would behave like “press spokespersons of the ministries”, denounce the journalists of the station. Since then, questions about the station’s independence have arisen: at Bayerischer Rundfunk, it recently emerged that the director of technology employed two drivers for her two company cars. Nine drivers are employed by SWR and NDR.

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