This is how the Mini Cooper SE presents itself as a Stromer

Living through the hustle and bustle of the city The Stromer’s driving behavior matches the brand’s image – at least as long as you’re driving around town. In order to house the batteries in the floor, Mini raised the car two centimeters. Unlike the i3, the Mini is always full on the road. It generates its dynamics from a 135 kW/184 hp electric motor and a maximum torque of 270 Nm. Thanks to the extremely low center of gravity and the direct steering with a small turning radius, the Mini looks like a bumper car at the fairground – but faster. After all, it accelerates from zero to 60 km/h in 3.9 seconds, leaving plenty of more powerful combustion engines behind. As fun as the Mini is around town, it’s of little use for trips across the country. Because the sprint value of 7.3 seconds fades when driving on the highway and even underpowered small cars have to be pulled: 150 km/h is the maximum for the Mini. The Cooper S, which the British take as a benchmark in terms of price and power, still manages 220 km/h. But the Mini is not a real long-distance, everyday car, even with a petrol or diesel engine: the 221-litre boot is too small and the space in the rear seat too modest. Short charging possible with the Cooper SE. Because the battery has nearly 33 kWh and is therefore significantly smaller than most of its competitors: while the Renault Zoe has a range of 390 kilometers and the Opel Corsa 330 kilometers, the Mini displays a maximum of 270 km in Datasheet. So the Mini has to go to the charging station much more often – but it doesn’t take that long: In the best case, the batteries are 80% full after 35 minutes. literally in the driver’s hands and feet. It switches between four operating modes by hand, from economical to sporty, and it not only supplies power with its foot, but also regulates recovery, which, unlike the i3, can be switched in two stages. . If you take your foot off the accelerator, the Mini sails for meters as if it were idling or it decelerates so much that you hardly need the mechanical brake anymore. Conclusion: not only good conscience, but also good moodThe Mini is coming late and has much to offer lost in its pioneering spirit. At the time a pioneer as a small motor car, it is today a late arrival which is only swimming in the booming field of small electric cars. But it’s at least a typical mini that not only gives you a good conscience, but also puts you in a good mood with its playful nature and cheeky ways.

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