The Rainbow Pose – Kamasutra Lexicon

Do you like calm and intensity in bed? Then this position might be the right thing for you. In the rainbow position, both get their money’s worth. It’s very intimate, calm and anything but exhausting. Ideal after a hard day or if both want to try slow sex. At the latest in the climax, it can happen that both see bright colors.

How the Rainbow Pose Works

The rainbow position (Source: Heike AƟmann/getty-images-bilder) The woman and the man are lying on the bed or on another soft surface – she is lying perpendicular to him so that she can see his feet and have a clear view of his buttocks and back. She wraps her legs around his waist – her arms can hug her legs or caress them. The man can stimulate the woman with his hands or caress her back and buttocks before and during the act, he can use his hands to press her buttocks against her hips and thus offer some resistance to her back and forth movements -come.

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