The Diva of the GDR: Eva-Maria Hagen is dead

Thanks to her creativity, her acting and her professional recognition, she accepted the horror and the cruelty of the expulsion, “although certain daydreams and a few suspicions of abandonment did not completely leave me”, said she continued.

Wolf Biermann changed his life

Wolf Biermann and Eva-Maria Hagen at a concert in 1985: She publicly protests against her expatriation. (Source: Jürgen Ritter/imago images) Meeting singer-songwriter Wolf Biermann in 1965 changed everything for her. “He was one of the most important people in my life,” she once said. When she publicly protested Biermann’s expatriation in 1976, she was fired without notice and banned from working. In her book “Eva und der Wolf”, Eva-Maria Hagen also published Stasi reports about the couple in 1998, I’m not here anymore, not only the daub of listeners on the wall remains from this wonderful and exciting period “. The Hagens (from left to right): Nina, Cosma Shiva and Eva-Maria during a performance in 2000. (Source: Wolfgang Langenstrassen/dpa) After the reunification, the actress with natural and gentle charisma again shot films at Babelsberg in Potsdam, performed on stage as “Médée” or “Mère Courage” or sang songs by Brecht. The versatile artist has also been seen on television and in the cinema, most recently in comedies such as such as “Dinosaurs – You Look Old Against Us!” in 2009 or dramas like “Lore” in 2012. Along with her daughter, NDW legend Nina Hagen, and acting granddaughter Cosma Shiva Hagen, she has dubbed the new edition of the cartoon classic “Biene Maja” in 2014. She described the three s Hagen women as follows: “We love each other very much, but we represent three different worlds.”

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