‘The Biggest Loser’ contestant Ayca Knüttel dies aged 24

The message reads: “On behalf of my family, I want to thank each and every one of you in the community. Especially for supporting us so much during this difficult time and even saying goodbye to us yesterday.” He says in the family statement, which is shared with the TV personality’s nearly 13,000 Instagram followers: “It never happens the way you think. It happens the way you never imagined.”

Doctor Christine Theiss: “I still can’t believe it”

On her own profile, Dr. Christine Théiss. She dedicates her own contribution to the former candidate of her show with several black and white photos of Ayca. “I still can’t believe it, even though the news hasn’t boded well for a few months,” she wrote. “Ayca lost her difficult battle with leukaemia.” In his text, Theiss not only looks back on Ayca’s time on “The Biggest Loser”, but also gives an insight into the evolution of the disease of the dead. “She was the youngest on the team, a happy and incredibly strong fighter. She stayed that way until the end,” the pundit said. “Leukemia was diagnosed in July 2019 and a stem cell transplant took place in February 2021. Unfortunately, a few months later a rejection reaction (GvH) occurred and since then Ayca has been struggling with a inhuman pain and many harmful side effects.”

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