The amigos are annoyed by Oliver Kalkofe – who reacts

The amigos don’t like the fact that Oliver Kalkofe parodies them from time to time. The duo stands against the satirist. Now there is a reaction from him Bernd and Karl-Heinz Ulrich of the Amigos believe that satirist Oliver Kalkofe can make his money easier than with parodies – if he had been careful at school. The brothers pointed this out in a podcast. Kalkofe now reacts with cynicism: “Does it sometimes hurt you when you see parodies of Kalkofe etc.? Or does it even honor you because you say that if you are parodied, you did you succeed?” podcast “But please with Schlager” to know the Amigos. Bernd Ulrich’s response: “A lot of people say it’s a distinction. I see it a little differently.” The 71-year-old added: “If Kalkofe had been careful at school, he could earn his money differently, more easily, like just dragging others through the mud.”

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