Testicular cancer: early detection by palpation

Even if it is confirmed that a tumor has indeed formed, there is no need to despair. According to Wülfing, the chances of recovery are over 80% – even if the cancer has already spread. “The earlier the tumor is discovered, the less likely it is to form metastases.” This facilitates the treatment.

These men are in danger

The causes of testicular cancer have not yet been fully investigated. However, previous studies have shown that men who have undescended testicles or who had them in childhood are at increased risk of developing the disease. “This applies even if the undescended testicles have been treated,” explains the oncologist. If another family member, such as the father or brother, is sick, the risk also increases. Infertility is also associated with testicular cancer. In addition, too low and too high birth weight are considered risk factors, as are genetic modifications and certain pesticides.

Power in danger?

When testicular cancer is diagnosed, it comes as a shock to affected men. And in addition to many other questions, she is primarily concerned with one thing: does the therapy endanger potency and fertility? “The treatment can influence the formation of the sex hormone testosterone, which is produced in the testes,” says Weg-Remers. . “And it also has an effect on libido and potency. However, medication can be used to counter this. The ability to ejaculate is usually retained.”

For the safety of the sperm bank

The biggest problem is fertility. At the time of diagnosis, the sperm count in most men is already significantly reduced. If a testicle has to be removed, the initial situation worsens. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy can also have a negative impact on the quantity and quality of sperm. “As the course of the treatment is unpredictable, doctors recommend that the men concerned have their sperm frozen in a sperm bank”, specifies Weg-Remers . . “The costs are usually not covered by health insurance, but you should always ask before the treatment what the reimbursement options are.”

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