Teddy Ray († 32): American comedian dies shortly after his birthday

His face was known from numerous television appearances and internet memes. Now comedian Teddy Ray has died unexpectedly. Mourning for Teddy Ray. The American comedian died at the age of 32. This is confirmed by its broadcaster Comedy Central on Twitter. “Teddy Ray was a fun and popular entertainer,” the statement read. And also: “He will be deeply missed by the entire comedy community.” Also, the “Los Angeles Times” reports the death of the man and reports some details. The newspaper writes that officials from the responsible district moved into Teddy Ray’s private home in Rancho Mirage in the US state of California at ten o’clock in the morning. Friday, where they alone are able to determine the death of the comedian. The police then opened an investigation to clarify the circumstances of Teddy Ray’s death. He had just celebrated his birthday. He had only turned 32 at the end of July. “The 32nd Lord, thank you for another round in this hot sun,” he wrote of a photo on Instagram. This is the comedian’s last message forever. By virtue of this, many fans and companions are now expressing their grief after sharing their final birthday wishes there. Teddy Ray, real name Theodore Brown, was born in Los Angeles. He first made a name for himself on the internet and has also been appearing more and more on television in recent years. He is best known for being a sidekick on the HBO show Break with Sam Jay. Ray was also on the road with a stand-up program, and he entertained his Instagram followers as well. Many internationally successful internet memes are also based on his likeness.

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