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James Bond Still Dominates The World of Nintendo 64

January 31, 2007

This week I will travel back in time to 1997 and ask you, "What is the single best first-person shooter on a console?" If you didn't answer "GoldenEye" for the Nintendo 64, all of us who answered correctly will beat you on the top of the head with wooden clubs and give you a dance hat to cover the severe mass you will have on your head. [...]

Students Adjust to Earlier Morning Classes

January 25, 2007

UT administrators enforced a 30 minute time change for Tuesday/Thursday morning courses ostensibly to accommodate for classroom space in the school's growing community. Many UT students were surprised to see 8:00 a.m. classes on their schedule as opposed to the usual 8:30 a. [...]

Hometown Boys Victorious

December 6, 2006

Two St. Pete natives returned to their home in what has been considered the biggest night of boxing in Tampa. Richard "Winky" Wright (51-3-1) and Jeff "Left Hook" Lacy (22-1) both defeated their opponents in the co-main events. Wright defeated Ike Quartey (37-4-1) by a unanimous decision while Lacy barely slipped by Vitaly Tsypko (17-2). [...]

Dr. John Bertalan is Getting Older and Smarter

November 2, 2006

As I approach "old age" and complete a teaching career that has spanned almost four decades, I thought it was about time to relax, get senile and settle into retirement. After a mere four days at home re-arranging my fossil collection, my wife decided that I needed to get out of the house and find a job. [...]