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Freshman! RA Isn’t Just the Vengeful Egyptian God of the Sun

August 23, 2007

I have recently been asked by the powers that be here at The Minaret to write yet another article about freshmen. Those who have been keeping up with The Minaret Online or have read its archives know that this assignment usually ends in disaster. As someone who self-medicates all his problems with caffeine, I can barely remember what I was doing six hours ago, let alone what it was like to be a UT freshman in 1914. [...]

Confessions of a Summer Intern: Part 1

June 22, 2007

I've got to admit, I was caught a bit off guard when it was suggested that we do summer editions of The Minaret. What could I possibly write about that people will care about when we aren't at school where we are forced to care about the outside world? There is one thing at nearly every college student experiences during the four or more years we spend in school: the dreaded summer job. [...]

Minaret and WUTT Create Podcast News Summary

April 29, 2007

The Staff members of The Minaret and WUTT radio are proud to bring the University of Tampa podcast news. A few members of The Minaret began recording the podcast news about five weeks ago. Josh Kratovil, News section editor for The Minaret, and staff reporter Ellery McCardle read the latest campus headlines while Christin Baker, another staff reporter, reads the latest Arts and Entertainment headlines. [...]

Impending GRE Changes Cancelled

April 4, 2007

Last week the Educational Testing Service announced the cancellation of the new changes to the GRE that were to be set in effect this year. The decision to cancel the new changes came after results of a recent study looking at the test center network. The main reason for the cancellation concerned the new change that called for the test to be administered at 3,200 internet based test centers. [...]