Sophie Hermann after the nudity scandal: “I’m ready to fight”

Nude photos of Uschi Glas’ daughter-in-law, taken in secret by paparazzi, went around the world. Today, Sophie Hermann wants to fight, she just wanted to relax on the beach and sunbathe, but Sophie Hermann did not expect insidious celebrity photographers to photograph her in a private situation without her. we ask him. But that’s exactly what happened, and topless photos of Uschi Glas’ daughter-in-law on the beach in Formentera were published by the British newspaper ‘Daily Mail’. Now, the young woman reports to her fans via Instagram after the first shock.

“A Day of Tears and Shock”

She had previously written an Instagram post in which she accused the “Daily Mail”, with which she had always had a good working relationship. But now the 35-year-old is recontacting her fans and telling them how much she took the publication of the kills. Sophie Hermann is combative. (Source:

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