Small car with pep – Kia E-Soul in the car test: lifestyle at the charging station

But the space conditions are quite ok: the trunk with 315 to 1339 liters is noticeably smaller than in the E-Niro. And that overhangs the 4.20 meter long Soul by about 15 centimeters. But Korea’s cool body provides plenty of room in all seats, and even for adults, the rear seat isn’t a penalty box. Electric, but not exotic The fact that the Soul has an “E” in its name and is only offered electrically, at least in Europe, is obviously quickly forgotten after boarding. Of course, the car is silent. It produces spatial sound when starting to protect pedestrians. And once you’ve mastered the game with the braking energy recovery stages on the steering wheel gearshift paddles, you drive most of the time on the pedals. In addition, the small car has trouble hiding its proud weight of 1.8 tons, especially in tight corners. But aside from those quirks, the electric drive is unobtrusive in the best sense, and you drive the E-soul like any other small car, at least if you opt for the more powerful of the two motors. The engine then develops 150 kW/204 hp, the sprint from 0 to 100 km/h takes 7.9 seconds and the top speed is 167 km/h. But above all, the battery then has a capacity of 64 kWh, which is sufficient for 452 kilometers on the test bench and also allows a test day without an anxious look at the charge level. Because you can easily travel 300 or even 350 kilometers before having to recharge… Alternatively, Kia offers a lighter version with less power and a shorter range, just like the Niro. There the engine only has 100 kW/136 hp and the battery 39.2 kWh, so that after the kickdown at 155 km/h and in the standard cycle after 277 kilometers it’s over. What sets the E-Soul apart from other small cars are the many driving programs: you can use them to drive the car either decidedly sporty or so economical that, in addition to engine performance, the air conditioning is also throttled. and you gain a few kilometers of autonomy According to the manufacturer, the Stromers with speeds of up to 167 km/h include a traffic jam pilot, LED headlights, a new telematics system with an online function and a function of fast charging that fills the battery up to 80 percent in less than an hour, it charges extras. The Soul offers all sorts of assistants, from remote control to a head-up display and comfort features such as heated seats on all seats.

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