Simone Thomalla: New photo with Nicolino

Simone Thomalla seems to be in love again. But instead of confirming her relationship, the actress prefers to delight her fans with new photos. Simone Thomalla has been appearing alongside a new man for a few weeks. At the beginning of August there was the first joint photo with Nicolino Hermano on Instagram. There was even a picture of them kissing. However, they still leave it open if the actress and DJ are a couple. And now there’s more for fans of the TV actress. Again, it’s the musician who captures a moment together on his social media account. He hid his eyes behind large dark sunglasses, he kept his outfit in black, and a silver chain with a cross pendant hangs around his neck. Thomalla looks over her shoulder at the camera with a smile on her face. You can hardly see anything of her look in the photo. They were apparently in the car next to each other when they took the photo.

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