Shock For GZSZ Fans: The Popular Actor Is Exiting

And where is the 28-year-old going professionally? “I can now go back on stage and play a few pieces, I can’t wait!” he reveals in an interview. In Friday’s episode, Noah wants to clarify the situation and wants to know from Sunny how much her feelings for him are. Jo Gerner’s granddaughter, who did not know exactly what she wanted before, confesses to him: she likes 75% – which is just not enough for Noah. The couple separates, Noah accepts the job offer and leaves Berlin. Could Noah’s departure mean a happy ending for Sunny and her ex Philipp? This is what Zeyin Aly says: “I think that since Noah is now taking on a new challenge and leaving Berlin, Sunny and Philip can sort out their emotional world in peace and see where it takes them.”

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