Shirin David publishes short stories from Dieter Bohlen

Shirin David: Your conversation with the DSDS juror raises questions. (Source: instagram/shirindavid)

RTL failed to meet a requirement

The next photo in the story appears to have been taken in the middle of their conversation. What becomes clear on reading: Bohlen would have liked to have David on the jury, but she canceled for a reason: “RTL accepted all my requests except one: that this jury be more diversified. don’t fit my ideas for a new DSDS.” Dieter Bohlen: The artist is back on the DSDS jury this year. (Source: Andreas Rentz/Getty Images) The context of Bohlen’s statement remains a mystery: “I would have thought it was fair if you had said that after what happened to both of us in the last season together.” What he is referring to remains unclear since Shirin David was already on the jury in 2017. In his place, two other stars will be seated next to Bohlen: Pietro Lombardi, former contestant and then juror of the show, and singer Leonie Burger.

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