She is also a member of the DSDS jury

The last season of DSDS will be broadcast in 2023. For the jury, the broadcaster is bringing back familiar faces, but also completely unknown ones. Next year, RTL will be looking for the German superstar for the last time. The broadcaster announced this in mid-July. At the same time, RTL also revealed that Dieter Bohlen will be back on board. After the modern speaking ex-star was replaced by Florian Silbereisen in 2022, Dieter Bohlen will be back in the jury office in 2023 – and of course not alone. In mid-August, Pietro Lombardi was also confirmed as second juror . Soon after, there was speculation that RTL Shirin David wanted to win for the anniversary season. According to the newspaper “Bild”, the station even offered the rapper a record fee. But the 27-year-old pushed DSDS back. Instead, Leonie Burger, known as Leony, is now part of the jury. Rumors have been circulating in recent days that the 25-year-old will take on Pietro Lombardi and Dieter Bohlen, but she has only just confirmed it. herself. In a video, the singer says, “I’m really happy to be part of the last season of DSDS.” However, she didn’t really process the news herself: “It’s still so unreal to me, I still can’t believe it, to be honest!” “I received a message from Dieter on my mobile phone” In the video, Leony also tells how she discovered her work: by SMS from Dieter Bohlen himself. “I received a message from Dieter on my mobile phone with the words: ‘So, now it’s fixed. Welcome to DSDS, best regards, Dieter.’ Of course, when you read this message, it’s all over at the beginning.” She didn’t even know how to react, “because there were so many emotions at once”. At the age of five, she had already watched the first season of DSDS, and in 2014 she herself took part in the RTL casting show “Rising Star”. As a result, it’s a “huge honour” to sit next to the jury boys. Leony also knows the two men personally, as she reports later. She worked with Bohlen on the song “Brother Louie”, and she also “flew to him in Malle” to shoot the video. And she was also in the studio with Pietro.

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