She gets her own dating show

“I always fall for the wrong people and of course I hope to have learned a lot now and to find the right one”, she explained shortly before the filming of the show “Make Love, Fake Love” (RTL+), with which she is, everything should change now. But it doesn’t seem to be so easy anymore, as evidenced by a tweet from the broadcaster about the new dating show: “Single, Yeliz Koc […] lives with her potential dream guys in a villa. But there is a catch: not all candidates are single. So Yeliz has to find out who is serious”, he says. But this is apparently also Koc’s trigger point, as she admits in an interview with RTL: “I am very sensitive to lies. I think it’s true, really bad if you lie to me.” The 28-year-old Hanoverian does not despair of great love and good. But she does not hide the many criteria he must meet. “I now have a daughter, I have a dog, which is really not easy and you just have to get along with my life and it has to be a very strong character”, she says wishing for more children, because it is she also dreaming?

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