She can’t tell babies from her sister Anna-Maria Ferchichi

Some people think that babies all look alike. Anna-Maria Ferchichi’s sister Valentina Lewe struggles to recognize her own nieces. Valentina Lewe, sister of pop star Sarah Connor and Bushido wife Anna-Maria Ferchichi, is keeping her followers up to date. Again and again, the young woman gives an insight into her life via social networks. Whether parties, cuddly photos with her boyfriend or family gatherings. She now shares a photo of one of them. And she admits to having problems with the little bushido triplets.

Valentina Lewe on the triplets: “I never know who is who”

(Source: On November 11, 2021, the three daughters Leonora, Naima and Amaya made Anna-Maria Ferchichi the mother of eight children and Bushido the father of seven children. Of course, that also means family members have to remember all those names and faces. Valentina doesn’t find it easy, as she now openly admits. In her Instagram story, she shares a photo of herself, which also shows the triplets.

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