“Sex Tape”: Only TV fans for the tasteless

Because “famous people” who submit a sex tape to presenter Natascha Ochsenknecht include: Ennesto Monté, the man who keeps himself in the media because he feels like he’s constantly raving about his penis enlargement and his former sexual addiction, Natalia Osada, the ex-girlfriend of Mr. Bastian Yotta, who was expelled from German television because of his misogynistic behavior, and a few other party members who – let’s put it this way – would probably anything to be allowed to fidget in front of a camera.

Cheap copy of the erotic classic “9½ weeks”

Natascha Ochsenknecht welcomes twelve celebrities who bring with them their very personal sex tapes in a villa that looks like a pared-down “summer house” butze, thus offering the viewer an intimate look through the keyhole in their bedroom. In the first episode: Natalia Osada and her husband Jiorgos, Julia Jasmin Rühle, known as JJ, and her René, and Ennesto Monté, the man with the skunk hairstyle, who says he is “responsible for making this industry interesting”. He is accompanied by his girlfriend Marry and Natascha Ochsenknecht watches the sex tapes with the celebrities. (Source: Thomas Weiß/Warner Bros. Discovery) Together with Natascha, the nervous participants welded a few glasses of champagne before finally gathering on the sofa in front of the TV and inserting the sex tapes. Between the two, the lips of the new Erika Berger from Discovery + escape very complex sexological comments such as “Oh, how cute!”, “Cute” or: “Hihihi”. But do the participants really make love in front of the camera? Yes you have. ‘Berlin – Day and Night’ actress JJ is seen in the house sheets lifting her tiny leg for her partner Rene and heard raving about a ‘perfect sex life’. But because the two have been together for decades, we’re not opposed to putting a couple in bed in the future. It’s said to be especially wild between the two when “Nutella” is in the house. You guessed it: the cheap imitation of the erotic classic “9½ Weeks” starring Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke.

A fluffy discussion on love life

Also funny: Man(n) does a big zampano and participates in a sex show, but at the same time you hold your hands in front of your face out of sheer shame. “Hehe, oh, my God!” Natalia Osada and her husband also submitted a sex tape. But instead of intimate insights, the viewer gets a moldy wife slamming on her husband because he dares touch her tenderly at the stove. Sex often falls by the wayside for the couple. Unfortunately, everyday life has returned, as well as the husband’s children. Women are often tired in the evening. However, the two join the show to show viewers that sex isn’t everything in a relationship.

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