Separation of Hubert Burda after 30 years of marriage

End of a powerful couple: actress Maria Furtwängler and her partner Hubert Burda have separated. They were married for 30 years and were a model couple for decades: actress Maria Furtwängler and publisher Hubert Burda have announced their separation after more than 30 years of marriage. This was announced on Monday by the spokeswoman for Maria Furtwängler at the request of the German press agency in Berlin. A statement on behalf of the spouses said: “Maria Furtwängler and Hubert Burda have been separated for some time. They are each other, also in view of the two children together, are friends and family members and will continue to do so in the future.” Beyond that, the couple didn’t give any further details about it. The two spouses have a daughter and a son together: Elisabeth Furtwängler is a musician, her brother Jacob Burda works as a digital entrepreneur. Nevertheless, the two have managed to keep their family life largely out of public view over the years. But there is a remarkable interview Furtwangler gave to “Spiegel” in 2012. In it she said that she herself had also become a self-confident woman thanks to her marriage to the multimillionaire: “I have an extremely strong and self-confident man in whose shadow you can easily become the environment, the satellite. It seems incredibly cliché now , but that may have made it all the more necessary to find myself and my own world.”

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