Sebastian Fitzek leaves ‘Riverboat’ again

Cooperation turned into friendship

Fitzek seems to have had a great time on “Riverboat,” which is likely due in large part to his collaboration with co-host Kim Fisher. Because he thanks her very deeply in her statement. He points out that he now has “a friendship” with the “wonderful Kim Fisher” because of the great cooperation. He would also like to be on the show occasionally as a guest.Sebastian Fitzek and Kim Fisher: They hosted “Riverboat” together for almost a year. (Source: IMAGO / Future Image) Fitzek’s latest show “Riverboat” will air this Friday August 26th. The episode is also the first after the summer break. Fisher and Fitzek also host actress Jutta Speidel and Olympic stars Robert and Christoph Harting. “Riverboat” circulates on Fridays alternately weekly from Berlin and Leipzig on RBB and MDR as well as in the ARD media library.

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