Sarah Connor inspires fans with her summer look: “Just hot”

In the photo, Connor is wearing cropped denim shorts, high wedge shoes with cork heels and a blouse with a Carmen neckline and colorful patterned wide sleeves. She has had her back photographed, but turns to the camera and blows a kiss to the viewers. “You look so good, Sarah,” someone commented. Or: “You are beautiful.” Another user writes: “Just hot”, another: “Hot Mama”. To do this, they have implemented flame emojis, which appear several times in the comments column. Then there’s another user who covers a Connor song and comments, “How beautiful you are.” There is a heart behind. “Love your outfit,” one person says – or “great blouse.” Countless similar posts can be found under the post. Sarah Connor appears on stage in different styles. Sometimes she makes statements with black shirts, for example lets everyone read the words “Peace” (German: Frieden) or “No War” (German: No War). She also combines rocker leather jackets or flannel shirts. Sometimes it can also be playful and airy dresses with colorful patterns and fringe, similar to Connor’s look in his current Instagram photo.

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