“RTL Saturday Night” comes in the form of a gala in the fall

In the gala show “RTL Saturday Night – The Reunion” almost all the stars of that time will be seen. Mirco Nontschew will be commemorated with dignity. Esther Schweins, Tanja Schumann, Olli Dittrich, Wigald Boning, Tommy Krappweis, Stefan Jürgens and Mark Weigel will be there for sketches, parodies and music. An Opinion”, “News from Spocht” and “Die Doofen” are happy. The famous word twisters will also be back.

Memoirs of Mirco Nonchev

Hugo Egon Balder leads the evening. “As a producer at the time, I’m very happy to host the big ‘RTL Saturday Night’ reunion and meet the old team,” says Balder. It’s gonna be fun. And he adds that a former star of the show is also remembered: “It goes without saying that we of course also commemorate our friend Mirco Nontschew on the show.” The Berlin star of “LOL” died on December 3 at the age of 52 in his apartment.

Award-winning format

The comedy show “RTL Saturday Night” attracted millions of viewers from November 1993 to May 1998. The regular cast and crew received numerous awards for their work – including the Bambi, the Bavarian Television Prize and the Grimme Award. The comedy show was produced by Jacky Dreksler and former “Tutti Frutti” star Hugo Egon Balder. The latter jokes in the new press release: “Purely hypothetical, if now ‘Tutti Frutti’ or ‘Tout Rien Ou?!’ should come back, RTL definitely played in the 90s.”

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