Rolf Kühn (✝92): German jazz legend has passed away

He was one of the most important jazz musicians in the country. Today, clarinetist and conductor Rolf Kühn died at the age of 92. Rolf Kühn has died, the 92-year-old was one of Germany’s most renowned jazz musicians. His family, his agency and his record company confirmed the death of the musician on Monday. Kühn, who died in Berlin, was considered one of the few internationally renowned German jazz musicians.

Internationally renowned German jazz musician

“Rolf will always be remembered as the artist and the inspiring, gentle, innovative and young-spirited person he was,” Kühn’s wife Melanie, his brother, agency Jazzhaus Artists and the Edel/MPS label. “He lived a full life dedicated to music, culture and joy until his dying day.” A cause of death is not mentioned in the declaration. Filmmaker Stephan Lamby shared an excerpt from his Kühn film on Twitter:

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