RBB takes "riverboat" from the program

Every Friday at 10 p.m., the “Riverboat” attracts nearly half a million people to the screens. But now there is a radical change in the program. MDR has been broadcasting the TV talk show “Riverboat” since 1992. For almost a year now, the format has also been broadcast on RBB at the same time and is no longer only produced in Leipzig, but also in Berlin. But that will change now. Because Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg withdraws from the show at the end of the year and once again leaves the field open to the MDR alone. Reason for this decision: too low audiences in its own broadcasting area. “It was an honor for us to be able to produce ‘Riverboat’ Berlin here,” RBB program director Jan Schulte-Kellinghaus said in a statement. “Unfortunately, it is also true that RBB TV viewers did not accept the offer as we had hoped, so it is with regret that we are ending this co-production.” “Riverboat” will be broadcast weekly from Leipzig from January 2023. “We regret RBB’s decision,” said MDR entertainment boss Peter Dreckmann: “We regret RBB’s decision, as we would have liked to continue working together on “Riverboat”.The broadcasters produce a talk show together and in partnership for their third programs, with a weekly change of venue, is a new feature on ARD.The ‘Riverboat’ is and remains one of the strongest brands and best programs on MDR. Riverboat” will be broadcast on Friday evenings in the television programs of MDR and RBB. The show, which can also be seen at the media library, alternates between Leipzig and Berlin. Kim Fisher moderates her in Leipzig with Jörg Kachelmann, in Berlin with Sebastian Fitzek, who bids farewell this week. The best-selling author only took over the job in October 2021. Now it’s over. “I wish I had gone on much longer,” Fitzek said. Unfortunately, that’s not an option for him at the moment. “New book projects require several months of writing retreats, which unfortunately cannot be reconciled with regular moderation.” Actress Jutta Speidel and athletes Robert and Christoph Harting are expected at Fitzek’s final show this Friday. In the first episode of Leipzig on September 2, theater and actor legend Dieter Hallervorden, actresses Christine Neubauer and Ina Paule Klink, comedian Ilka Bessin and dog trainer Martin Rütter will be hosted by Kim Fisher and Jörg Kachelmann .

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