Quetschies: How healthy are fruit quetschies?

She recommends that fruit juices should therefore be seen more as sweets and, with their high fructose content, should only be consumed infrequently. A Quetschie contains up to 18 grams of sugar. “Which is almost half of the maximum recommended intake of 50 grams per day.” The German Society of Nutrition and the German Society of Pediatric Medicine advise against pressed fruit for infants and young children. For older children, they are justifiable as a treat once in a while. If you decide to give your child a squeeze or eat one yourself, you should pay attention to the list of ingredients and avoid products that consist only of fruit puree and have the lowest sugar content. possible sugar.

Obstquetschie: Not as healthy as you might think

Nutrition expert Alice Luttrop explains on the website of the consumer protection association Foodwatch that Quetschies have a very high acid content. Acidic vitamin C is often added to them “to protect the porridge against oxidation and, in addition, to be able to present it as healthy”. This is particularly problematic because the porridge is licked out of the bag. Anyone who regularly sucks plums can get dental cavities, especially children: the acid and sugar would invade and attack sensitive baby teeth, points out the center of advice to consumers in Lower Saxony. The plastic openings of the soft pouches put extra pressure on the teeth, as children often chew them. And there is another problem for offspring with the soft pouch product: “Due to the special packaging, children do not learn to eat with a spoon and are more likely to be supplied with food separately”, explains Antje Gahl of the DGE.With the gift of pressure, you turn less towards the child than when you feed him with a spoon.The pulp of the fruit also offers little volume and satiety, it is simply swallowed and is consumed quickly. “There is also room for quick refueling. Also, the fruit puree from the bag is more expensive than fresh fruit and vegetables. And it produces more waste. Quetschie: The fruit puree from the bag is fruit in the bag contains a lot of sugar (Source: AnnaNahabed/getty-images-pictures)

Quetschies for pregnant women: bad for the teeth

The trade also offers snacks in this form especially for pregnant and breastfeeding women. But fresh fruit should also be preferred to foil bags, according to the Gesund insLeben network, because pregnant women have more sensitive gums due to hormonal change and are more susceptible to bacteria that cause tooth decay. Anyone who eats fruit puree often attacks their gums. Chewing fresh fruit, on the other hand, stimulates the flow of saliva, which in turn strengthens tooth enamel.

Alternatives to mashed fruit

Parents should give their children fresh fruit rather than fruit juice. It’s not just healthier: snacking on pieces of fruit also promotes chewing muscles and language development. The desire for fruit in children can be aroused, for example, by a creative presentation, such as “magic apples” or “banana crocodiles”, advises the Lower Saxony consumer advice centre. Much better than colorful packaging.

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