Pop singer and his house Laura lose Florida

Into the unknown ? For Michael Wendler and Laura Müller, the signs in the United States point to a change. Unwittingly, beware, Michael Wendler is now used to negative headlines. At the latest after his scandalous DSDS-Aus and the outrageous conspiracy statements, the former pop singer is almost only found in the German media when he once again put himself on the sidelines. As “Bild” reported on Wednesday, the 50-year-old got rid of his stand. However, unintentionally, so the tenor. As a result, Michael Wendler had to leave his apartment building in South Florida early. Originally, his lease was set until the end of September, but now there has been a seemingly unplanned move. The house owner is quoted in the report as saying, “We have not extended the contract.”

“He seemed very disturbed to me”

A former companion of Wendler also speaks. Timo Berger, who previously worked with the “Egal” singer due to his marriage to Laura Müller, said: “I last saw him outside his house in April. He seemed very upset to me. “. Moreover, the tour operator is certain: “I think his early departure is a clear indication that he wanted to quickly change his place of residence for fear of the American authorities.” However, this theory cannot be confirmed. Anyway, Michael Wendler only reacts to requests from the media in exceptional cases. A short-term inquiry by t-online on the subject has so far gone unanswered.

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