Pietro Lombardi becomes a father and Sarah Engels is silent

A day later, fans on Instagram searched in vain for a statement about the pregnancy. The 29-year-old only gave a preview of the christening or announced a bag tag. The musician did not say a word about the pregnancy. Pietro Lombardi reacted similarly back then.

“Aha, pregnant… That’s good”

When Sarah Engels revealed in June 20201 that she and her husband were expecting their first child together, her ex initially held back with a public backlash. Later, the 30-year-old told the newspaper “Bild” that he had heard the news of his son in advance: “Alessio swung on it. (…) Then, of course, I went to see Sarah and I said, ‘Aha, pregnant… That’s fine.'” So there was no full reaction, only Sarah and Pietro now talk a lot in private, don’t do everything in public anymore like they did before. And so Sarah Engels may have found out about Alessio’s pregnancy – and congratulated her ex personally for a long time.

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