Peter Maffay: ‘I don’t need to get married’

Peter Maffay fell in love with his girlfriend Hendrikje Balsmeyer seven years ago. However, the musician cannot imagine a fifth marriage. Peter Maffay has been with Hendrikje Balsmeyer since 2015. In an interview with “Gala”, the teacher reveals that she is “as happy as the first day” with the musician. But a wedding is apparently out of the question for the couple. Balsmeyer explains, “Marriage wouldn’t change anything. I don’t need to get married to make this relationship even more stable.” His partner can only agree. “For me, marriage exists as soon as two people have decided for each other. And that’s what we did: when we met, it was clear from the first moment that we wanted to live together.”

“Anouk is the center”

Instead of getting married, the 35-year-old had other plans for her future: “It was very important for me to become a mother and I was happy that Peter didn’t get in the way. We were a unit even before Anouk “. was born, but she made our happiness perfect.” The daughter was born in 2018. “Anouk is the center around which we all revolve,” says her father Peter Maffay and Hendrikje Balsmeyer: The couple have a child together. (Source: IMAGO / Eventpress)

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