Oliver Pocher sings his World Cup song: boos at Ballermann

Oliver Pocher wanted to present his new World Cup song about Ballermann. But it wasn’t just hearts that flew to him during his performance, he’s a showman through and through. When Oliver Pocher performs, he succeeds in his program. Whether his gags work or not, the comedian sticks to it. The former Viva presenter now had to prove his toughness when he appeared in Mallorca’s ‘Megapark’. Let’s put it this way: it didn’t go as planned. The 44-year-old traveled to Ballermann to perform his new World Cup anthem “Hooray, hooray…we Qatar” at cult club “Megapark “. And yes, some of the many fans who came in thought the song was good and cheered. But the “Five against Jauch” moderator was also appropriately booed and hissed. As DDP reports, the performance only lasted 20 minutes instead of 30. But Pocher took the failed appearance with humor. “What a performance in the ‘Megapark’,” he said in an Instagram story. “Always funny. Of course, there’s one or the other who boos. It happens. You have to go all the way.” It ends with the words “That was nice!”. And as in football, being there is everything!

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