North stream 1 | This means the turbine for the German gas supply

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy strongly criticized Canada’s decision to hand over the turbines despite the sanctions. Ukrainians “will never accept Canada’s decision,” Zelenskyy said Sunday after a phone conversation with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. It is a “violation of the sanctions regime” against Russia.

Worry about lack of gas

The mixed situation is causing serious concern in politics and business in Germany. Because a complete failure of Russian supplies would have significant consequences on gas supplies. We are prepared for all scenarios, said the spokeswoman for the Ministry of Economic Affairs in Berlin when asked if the government expected gas to be pumped west again through the pipeline by the following.

mutual dependence

Many experts agree that Russia itself has no interest in appearing in this conflict as the treaty-breaking party. Other large customers, such as China or Turkey, also supplied by newly constructed gas pipelines, could react with concern and doubt Russia’s reliability. On the other hand, those who are on good terms with Russia – such as Serbia, Hungary and especially neighboring Belarus – can traditionally count on friend prices. China also gets gas at a much lower price than the West. But not only its own reputation, but also finances should mean that Russia is not entirely turning its back on Europe. According to Russian energy and finance expert Marcel Salikhov, Russia still depends on income from the sale of gas. Diverting gas volumes for Europe to China, for example, is virtually impossible. Existing lines are exhausted, laying new lines is too expensive.

Russia uses gas as leverage

Landing station of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline (symbolic image): Russia could take advantage of the current situation to call into question the commissioning of the second gas pipeline. (Source: Andre Gschweng/imago-images-bilder) It is therefore more obvious that Russia wants to use concerns in Europe to its own advantage in the negotiations, for example through sanctions. More recently, Putin has forced many EU buyers to pay in rubles for Russian gas. Also conceivable: Nord Stream 2 could be discussed again. The pipeline is finished, but never put into service because of the war in Ukraine. It is not legally allowed. Putin had previously said that deliveries through this line could bring prices down again and ease the overall situation. So far, the federal government has insisted on not putting the pipeline into service.

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