Mike Blumer loves Melanie Müller’s girlfriend! She secretly took his place

Mike Blümer is picked up after the wedding. But his new one is not unknown – and certainly not to his ex-wife Melanie Müller. They sit side by side, arm in arm, looking deep into each other’s eyes. This is the first time since his separation from Melanie Müller that Mike Blümer shows up on Instagram with a new woman by his side. With this photo, the 55-year-old went public with his relationship on Tuesday, and Mike Blümer shared this photo on his Instagram Story on Tuesday. (Source: Instagram / Mike Blümer) It quickly became perplexing: Who is the lady next to Mike Blümer? An Instagram tag reveals: Her name is Katharina Kahmann, is from Leipzig and has two children. Research shows that she is no stranger to show business. Last year, for example, she took part in the RTL dome show “Wanted daughter-in-law”, hoping to find love in bachelor Ben.

Mike now loves Catherine

Instead of Ben, however, Katharina now likes Mike. For many of her fans, the blonde’s face should be unfamiliar. This is not the case for his ex Melanie Müller. In fact, she’s quite familiar with it. Because as t-online knows, Katharina Kahmann is her former best friend.

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