Maximilian Arland loves the American lifestyle

Berlin (dpa) – moderator Maximilian Arland (37) is a big fan of the American metropolis Los Angeles – and could imagine living there. “I’ve been to LA twice this year and now I have an apartment there. At some point, I feel like going there even to take it out,” Arland said on the sidelines of the ‘Tribute to Bambi’ gala. in Berlin. The weather in Los Angeles is a dream and he can do a lot of hiking there. “I also like the American lifestyle. But he still loves Berlin so much, Arland said: “It’s been exactly three I’ve lived here for years and settled in a nice corner of Hackescher Markt. Normally, I even get homesick because as soon as I leave Berlin, even if I go to my mother’s.” The only place he doesn’t get homesick is Los Angeles. The presenter and singer pop has been presenting its show “Musik auf dem Land” on MDR since 2012.

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