Martin Semmelrogge mourns his four-legged friends

He lost his dear companion. “Buddy”, one of actor Martin Semmelrogge’s dogs, has died. Twelve years ago he rescued his ‘Buddy’ from an animal shelter, now vets have had to put the terrier mix to sleep due to illness and actor Martin Semmelrogge is in mourning. “The little one was next to our dog ‘Teddy’ is part of our gang, a real member of the family. But unfortunately it didn’t work anymore. The little one had problems with his heart valve. We were in the best clinics . He took medicine like a grandfather,” the now 66-year-old reports in Conversation with “Image”.

“We couldn’t help but buy it back”

“Buddy” died in Mallorca. When Semmelrogge returned to the island after a two-month theatrical tour, the dog and its owner swam in the sea together, he reports, adding: “Then we sat in the car. He looked out the window with flapping ears. But we could only redeem it.”

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