Maffay’s son loves his 22-year-old wife more

Peter Maffay has proven that love has no age. Now her 18-year-old son Yaris also loves a woman with a big age difference. Yaris Maffay is 18 and has a girlfriend. With Peruvian Melissa, the son of rock legend Peter Maffay has been on cloud nine for about five months. This is reported by the newspaper “Bild” and can also be clearly seen on his Instagram profile.

“The moment you realize she’s the only one”

There, the teenager is followed by about 2,500 people. From time to time, he shows himself to them shirtless or alongside his girlfriend. For example, nine weeks ago, Yaris shared a photo of himself sitting on a surfboard with Melissa. He wrote, romantically, “The moment you realize it’s her.” Not unusual at first glance – if it weren’t for the age difference. Because Yaris will soon be 19, his girlfriend is more than twice the age. As “the picture” writes, she should be 40 years old and have two children. On Instagram, she describes herself as a “proud mom”.

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