Leni Klum shares a new couple photo

Leni Klum is thankfully forgiven. The 18-year-old clarifies this once again to her many fans with a photo in which she poses with her friend Aris. Heidi Klum made sure her daughter Leni could grow up in peace away from the public eye. But in 2020, the time had come: the then 16-year-old started her modeling career with her first magazine cover and thus followed in the footsteps of her world-famous mother. Since coming out as a public figure herself, Leni has also let her fans in on her private life on Instagram. Now there’s a new shot to admire: the teenager shows up alongside his friend. Leni Klum and Aris Ratchevsky: The couple occasionally appear together on social media. (Source: instagram/leniklum) Leni sits on the edge of a bench and takes the photo with her mobile phone, while Aris Rachevsky stands next to her, her head tilted so that her face is barely visible under the cap. They wear casual outfits consisting of dark colored tops and baggy pants. The snapshot that Leni posts to her Instagram story lets her speak for herself.

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