Lena Gercke jokes about her big baby bump

She comments ambiguously and seemingly with a wink: “Growing up fast these days.” But the message is in English and could also be translated as “They are growing fast these days”, which would refer to the baby growing inside her belly.

When is it? Date of birth unknown

In any case, your fans are very impressed by the shot. Comments like “So beautiful” or “Awesome baby bump pic” are piling up under the 34-year-old’s post. Since when Lena Gercke is pregnant and when the child should be born, she has not revealed for the moment. One thing is certain: her pregnancy has been known since the beginning of June. At the time, Gercke simply wrote to a photo of himself in a light summer dress: “1 + 1 = 4”. Behind her she put several red hearts. She has been officially with her partner Dustin Schöne since 2019. Her daughter Zoe was born in the summer of 2020. Now the couple are expecting child number two.

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