Last DSDS season with Dieter Bohlen: will Pietro Lombardi become a member of the jury?

In the coming year, DSDS will be eradicated – with the return of Dieter Bohlen and a final season. Will there also be a meeting? Dieter Bohlen returns as chief judge of “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”. Next year there will be his last appearance on the RTL casting show, because then the format will be buried. The only thing left open is who will sit next to Bohlen on the jury. According to a recent report by “Bild”, there will be a kind of reunification. As a result, Pietro Lombardi should succeed his former mentor and DSDS colleague as president of the jury. The tabloid even claims that this decision was due to Bohlen’s explicit request. RTL itself has yet to comment on the rumours. A corresponding request from t-online has so far remained unanswered on Saturday.

Speculations on Carina Walz

One thing is clear: Bohlen and Lombardi are linking up the eighth season of DSDS in addition to joint jury time. Back then, in 2011, the 30-year-old singer became the winner of the music show. Since then, he would have maintained a close friendship with Dieter Bohlen. If the news were to be confirmed, a woman would always be absent from the jury. With at least three seats on the chairs behind the jury desk, a juror has always been part of the game. Even speculation about Bohlen’s 38-year-old partner has recently surfaced in this regard. Carina Walz on DSDS, unimaginable? Not enough. Last year, she was a completely surprising part of the 18th season. During her partner’s last overseas call to Mykonos, she made an appearance for her first-ever television appearance. Bohlen later described this as a spontaneous idea. Wait to see if there are any similar curiosities in the final season. After all, there were also guest judges from time to time…

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