Jungle camp ‘saved his life’

Harry Wijnvoord had to undergo a health check at the jungle camp. The host owes a lot to the investigation: for many candidates, participation in “I’m a star, get me out of here!” many physical and mental difficulties in the past. The format in the Australian jungle was also a real challenge for Harry Wijnvoord. But if the host had not started in 2004, it could have had serious consequences for his health. Because before moving into the camp, the then 55-year-old man had to undergo the mandatory health check. The doctors discovered in him a previously unknown disease: the television star suffers from diabetes.

His father died of illness

“I didn’t know that I was diabetic and had high blood pressure,” says the ARD program “Leichter Leben” in retrospect. His father was also ill from it – and therefore ultimately died at the age of 70. But despite his family’s history of illness, he never got checked out until the jungle camp. “I had no symptoms, no dizziness, my eyes didn’t go black, I didn’t sweat. I didn’t feel anything – I didn’t know that,” he says. That’s why he says today, “The jungle camp basically saved my life.” Wijnvoord was part of the second season of Camp in the Jungle in 2004. At that time, he voluntarily left the series and ended up in seventh place. TV celebrity Désirée Nick won that year.

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