Isabel Hinz leaves the series

Hinz has previously appeared on camera for episodes of “Notruf Hafen Kante”, “Tatort”, and “SOKO Hamburg”. In an interview with RTL, she says about her commitment to GZSZ: “The weather was a big challenge for me. There were really intense days because of the high workload, but I have the feeling to have surpassed myself through such a time and I had more power. There were many beautiful moments that I will always carry in my heart. ” She is currently in the process of casting for a new project. Which one, she can’t say yet. But the 26-year-old also has plenty to do outside of auditions and filming. “Although acting is always my top priority, I work in the cultural sector during filming breaks,” explains the Hamburg native. “I am also involved in the Afghan Women’s Association in Hamburg. Social commitment is very important to me.”

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