How much hair loss per day is still normal?

With reversible hair loss, a lot of hair falls out, but grows back after a while. It can occur in women, for example, due to hormonal fluctuations during or after pregnancy or when changing contraceptives. But causes such as a lack of nutrients or stress can also be the cause. In the case of irreversible hair loss, on the other hand, you lose your hair permanently and you can clearly see that light spots are forming on your head. . Usually these stay forever. In this case, a doctor can determine the cause with a blood test and an analysis of the condition of the hairline, also called a trichogram, and use an appropriate treatment method.

Falling Hair Matters

If you notice that you are losing more hair, you should see a dermatologist. This will determine the type of hair loss you are suffering from and show you the appropriate treatment options. In general, if you’re concerned about hair loss, you should see a doctor. Hair expert Lutz has a tip for assessing the extent of hair loss: “Wash your hair. The next day, comb your hair over a sink and collect the fallen hair in a wrap. Do the same the next day, put this hair in a new wrap. And again with a new wrap two days later. It is important that you do not you weren’t washing your hair in the meantime. Once you’ve filled all three envelopes, count the hair.” There should be less hair from wrap to wrap. If the number of collected hairs remains the same or even increases, you should consult a doctor. But even if you count more than 60 hairs in one of the poultices, you should go to the doctor.

What types of hair loss are there?

Hair loss can have various causes and take different forms. As already explained, there is reversible and irreversible hair loss. There are different types. “Most of the women who come to my practice suffer from diffuse hair loss. Then the hair becomes thinner all over the head and not just in a specific area, ”explains Lutz. In this case, you can look for the cause and fix it. Hair loss can also be hereditary, so there’s not much you can do about it. “You can take a bit of countermeasures with pills that the doctor prescribes for you,” he says. Another form of hair loss is circular hair loss. This usually indicates an autoimmune disease. The doctor then decides what medications or therapies will be helpful. (Source: getty-images-pictures)

Causes of Hair Loss

“In order to treat diffuse hair loss, the dermatologist must first find the cause,” says Lutz. A possible cause may be an iron or zinc deficiency. “This is often the case with vegetarians because they lack the iron in red meat,” says Lutz.

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