Heidi Klum Reveals a Secret About Her Husband Tom: ‘Suck It Up’

Apparently the two are having a great time, as seen on Instagram. Speaking of their many well-documented vacations together, Klum says, “I don’t think we’ll ever be as young as we are now. So we should live now. I like to live in the moment – and for me that means sun and have fun and just wear sunscreen.”

Heidi Klum jokes: “Like a vampire”

Heidi Klum is once again revealing how she can still look so young at almost 50 – and there too she has her husband to thank. “I’m sucking her young blood, like a vampire,” she jokes, but the model is aware that can only be done with a wink. Because the appearance of Klum is due to his lifestyle with Tom Kaulitz, but also to new eating habits. From a two-week wellness stay with the 32-year-old woman in Austria, she is certain: “One thing I didn’t know was that you shouldn’t drink anything at all when you eat. No liquid from the everything, because it obviously dilutes stomach acid.” Since then, she has refrained from doing so – apparently successfully.

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