Heat wave: the Verdi union calls for the release of heat

Germany is heading for the hottest week of the year so far. Verdi is now demanding longer breaks and an earlier end of work for employees. In view of the coming heat wave, the Verdi union insists on facilitation for employees – for example an earlier end of work. “In oppressive heat, we demand longer breaks or an earlier end to work (without heat), even if there is no legal right to this,” said the head of the collective bargaining department, Norbert Reuter, from the Editorial Network Germany (RND The temperature at work is regulated by the Workplace Ordinance. It states that the ambient temperature must not exceed 26 degrees Celsius. The employer must take this into account when furnishing the office, for example by installing blinds.If the 26 degrees outside and inside are exceeded, according to the regulations, a multi-stage model takes effect, which prescribes measures to protect employees. , the employer should provide drinks from 26 degrees, from 30 degrees they even have to, read more about this here.

No legal right to no heat

Other measures must then follow to ease the burden on employees. The ordinance makes some suggestions for this, such as airing rooms early in the morning or using fans. However, a legal right to air-conditioned or heat-free rooms does not follow from these regulations, because the Institute Federal Occupational Safety and Health informed the RND upon request.

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